Des Moines Community Jazz Center Announcements

Nate Sparks To Juiliard School of Music



Nate Sparks, a long-time participant at the Community Jazz Center, will be heading for New York City to pursue his love of jazz. He has been awarded a major scholarship at the prestigious Juilliard School of Music.


“It was great to apply at Juilliard and then be accepted and offered a scholarship. I am just thrilled to get my chance to go there. I am really honored.”


“ I know that in New York I’ll get to work with some outstanding jazz musicians, teachers and classmates but I can’t leave here without noting that Iowa has an excellent jazz program at middle school, high school, college and professional levels. I took lessons from many musicians around the country who told me they were surprised to find that Iowa offered so many learning opportunities in jazz. Few states can match Iowa.”


And much of that is due to our CJC,“ Nate said. “It is a great program and everyone who dreams of getting good at jazz should get down there to Java Joe’s, get up on stage and start jamming, not only with other students but with the pros are there as well. What a wonderful opportunity!”


Nate leaves for Juilliard in August and plans to return to Iowa next summer.

(Nate received the Bobby Dawson Award at the the 2012 CJC Hall of Fame for oustanding participation in CJC Jam Sessions.)